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Perfect Medical Ind. Co., Ltd. is a high quality Health & Medical Supplies Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in Hemodialysis blood tubing set, I.V. Supplies, Safety type Infusion Set, Blood Transfusion Set and A.V Fistula Needle, Safety type Extension Set, Huber Needle Set, Needle Free series etc. All of our products has secured EN ISO13485:2016 and CE2460 standard. If you are looking for Dialysis blood tubing set, Safety infusion set, Huber needle set, A.V. Fistula needle, Safety Extension Set and Transducer Protector, please feel free to contact us.

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Our company is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade Huber Needle in Taiwan.
We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of Huber Needle.
Huber Needle Set

Huber Needle/Winged needle Set

90 degree Huber Needle Set with excellent quality.

Huber Needle Set is designed for sole and easily to insert into vascular access device and continuously intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy.

Low Volume and Non-DEHP tubing.

Priming volume 0.25ml and 0.5ml

Tubing length 7.5inches approx.

E.O. Gas Sterilization.
Features :

Needle hub and wing design offer secure and accurate needle placement.
With Core resistant needle, it is Non-DEHP, Non-pyrogenic, Non-toxic and Latex-Free.

CE Mark, ISO 13485

Low cost port access sets available in a variety of models Non-DEHP fluid path.
Core resistant needle Latex Free Needle hub and wing design offers secure and
Accurate needle placement.

Item No Needle Gauge Needle Length Wing Color Tube Length Y injection
V0711210103001 20G 1" Yellow 20cm Y
V0711110103001 20G 3/4" Yellow 20cm Y
V0711200103001 20G 1" Yellow 20cm N
V0711100103001 20G 3/4" Yellow 20cm N
V0712210103001 22G 1" Black 20cm Y
V0712110103001 22G 3/4" Black 20cm Y
V0712200103001 22G 1" Black 20cm N
V0712100103001 22G 3/4" Black 20cm N
V0710710103001 19G 1" White 20cm Y
V0710610103001 19G 3/4" White 20cm Y
V0710700103001 19G 1" White 20cm N
V0710600103001 19G 3/4" White 20cm N

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