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Perfect Medical Ind. Co., Ltd. is a high quality Health & Medical Supplies Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in Hemodialysis blood tubing set, I.V. Supplies, Safety type Infusion Set, Blood Transfusion Set and A.V Fistula Needle, Safety type Extension Set, Huber Needle Set, Needle Free series etc. All of our products has secured EN ISO13485:2016 and CE2460 standard. If you are looking for Dialysis blood tubing set, Safety infusion set, Huber needle set, A.V. Fistula needle, Safety Extension Set and Transducer Protector, please feel free to contact us.

Medical Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Bloodline set

Perfect Medical Ind.Co., Ltd. strives for greater heights in quality, innovation, value, and customer satisfaction. Our company is known as one of the leading manufacturers of Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set, Blood Lines, Huber Needle Set and Medical Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Bloodline set in Taiwan since we established. Since our establishment, we have been dedicated to responsibility, credibility, and efficiency as our guiding principles.

Hemodialysis bloodline systems

Perfect Medical produce dialysis bloodline, can be applied to Fresenius, Baxter, Gambro, Nipro, JMC Nikkso, dialysis machine manufacturers etc.

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Perfect Medical produces dialysis blood line tubing set consist of arterial and venous lines, used during dialysis and are attached with A.V.fistula and dialyzer.

Arterial blood tubing : the portion of the tubing set that transports blood from the patient to the hemodialyzer inlet port.

Venous blood tubing : the portion of the tubing set transports blood from the hemodialyzer outlet port back to the patient.

E.O. Gas Sterilization.

Transducer Protector

A component of hemodialyis blood tubing set with a hydrophobic membrance is designed to prevent blood contamination of the pressure transducers of a hemodialysis delivery system.

Anti-bacterial hydrophobic air filter with female luer lock and male luer lock.

Effective Filtration Area: 2.5 cm2 .

Materials of Construction: Media:PTFE 0.2μm / Housing:PVC.

E.O. Gas Sterilization.

Drainage bag

Drainage Bag – one way, two way
With an extensive product line of products, combined with our ability to design custom products, Perfect Medical Ind.Co., Ltd. is confident that we will provide the best Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set and Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set for our customers’ needs. If you are looking for suppliers and long-term mutually beneficial partnership, we are ready to offer you our services.